Take My Fish & Bread!

The story of an un-named boy during one of Jesus’ sermons.  The disciples told Jesus that the people were hungry.  The disciples responded by telling Jesus that it would take a fortune to feed the crowd!  Two of the disciples failed this simple test.  Then a boy stepped up and told Jesus that he had a few small fish and some loaves of barley bread.

The fact that it was barley bread seems unimportant in the story, but there’s actually an important note.  Barley bread in those times was the most innexpensive bread that was made, it was insignificant as far as bread goes.  The boy had the beginnings of the right answer.  Although he didn’t know how, he somehow understood that Jesus could do something with his lunch.

The lesson for me is that my life is insignificant in my estimation.  But in the hands of my Lord, He is in the business of taking the insignificant and turning it into something worthwhile.

John 6:1-13

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