Golden Time

You can get a lot done in an hour.  In fact, one hour is an eternity.  If you don't believe me, fly for an hour seated next to a crying infant.  You'll get a keen understanding of just how long an hour is!

Consider the hours you devote to productive work as your "Golden Time".  Golden because time is money, especially in sales.  Working a solid, focused, day can be challenging.  Every day Time Bandits steal away your time.  Members of this mob include personal phone calls, texting, chat sessions with friends, personal errands, long breaks, and longer lunches.  The list goes on.

It all adds up.  Research shows that the average salesperson wastes two hours a day.  This works out to a startling three months a year!  How much can you sell in three months?  Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

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